Real Cyder & Perry

Producers of Superior Cyders & Perries

Minchew's Real Cyder & Perry has been produced commercially since 1993 and we now have the world's largest range of single variety Cyders and Perries.

We are committed to producing the highest quality Cyders and Perries through natural methods, without the aid of artificial assistance, additives or chemicals. All fruit is hand-picked, hand-washed, milled in an old-fashioned scratter and pressed on an old stone slab, which has run with the juice of apples and pears for over a century, and then allowed to ferment naturally in oak barrels. Only when fermentation has naturally ceased and is judged to be mature, is it then bottled; which accounts for its unique characteristics and the many awards we have won.

We are situated in the lower Severn valley, between the Cotswolds and the Malvern Hills, and all our fruit is sourced within this fertile area. Several varietal Cyders and Perries are produced, along with some distinctive blends. We only use traditional varieties, including:

Apples: Dabinett, Foxwelp, Kingston Black, Redstreak, Tremletts Bittersweet, Sheep's Snout, Stoke Red, Rienne Des Hative and Yarlington Mill.

Pears: Blakeney Red, Butt, Gin, Barnet, Red Horse, Moorcroft / Malvern Hills, Red Longdon, White Longdon, Oldfield, Rock and several varieties of Huffcap.

Our products are available from a variety of retail outlets.

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